Babcock gate valves

A worker at Babcock Valves testing a wedge gate valve

Gate valves -often known as sluice valves- are valves that opens by lifting a gate with wedge shape, out of the path of a fluid. The sealing surface in between the gate and seats are planar, and once lifted, there are not obstructions in the flow path, so they are used when a minimum friction is required.

Wedge gate valves may have a screw-in union, or a bolted bonnet. The first one is the simplest, offering a long lasting seal. The bolted bonnet is used large valves that works under higher pressures.

Babcock Valve’s wedge gate valves are made from carbon, alloy and stainless steel, bolted joint between bonnet and body, outside screw and yoke, threaded, welded or integral seal.