gate valve actuartor

Testing process of a valve actuator


Our gate valves can be equipped  with several different accessories as an option, as is described below.

Overpressure Protection Device

Babcock Valves has developed its own overpressure protection system, that configures a new relief and safe valve kind, that prevents the pressure in piping from exceeding a predetermined value.

Babcock valve's Overpressure Protection Device

Babcock Valve’s Overpressure Protection Device


By-pass & Overpressure Protection System

Our Gate Valves can have a built-in Overpresure Protection System that bypasses the valve  in case of overpressure, supplementing the performance of the equipment in critical situations.

Babcock Gate Valves

Babcock Valves By-pass & Overpressure Protection System

Bevel Gear

A bevel gear can be fitted in our Gate Valves in order to operate them from an optimum position.

Gate valves with a bevel gear

Bevel gear fitted on a valve yoke

Electric Actuator

Our Gate Valves can be motor operated, adding an electric actuator that allows a remote control of the unit.

Electric Actuator fitted on a valve yoke

Babcock Gate Valves can be electrically operated


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